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Today's African American: The Invisible Slave
Author W. D. Clark, II
ISBN 978-1-935186-30-4
Publisher Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Description 5.5" x 8.5" perfect bound (softcover) 150 pages archival paper $18.95
Availability March 2013
Order from
Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
100 Clegg Street
Signal Mt., TN 37377
    These grassroots truths are intended to awaken the "sleeping black giant" to what happened to him in the beginning in America and to who he is today. These truths will help him become more responsible for what he should be. Certainly with so rich a past, blacks are not supposed to be an impoverished people.
    Hopefully everyone will understand what side effects slavery has caused and what part they now play in today's mental game. Let us all unlearn the negative teaching about black people and turn toward positive attitudes.
Library of Congress Control Number: 2012921621
HIS054000 - History: Social History
PHI005000 - Philosophy:
& Moral Philosophy
SOC001000 - Social Science:
Ethnic Studies - African
American Studies - General
Today's African American tell us we must change our mindset and be positive, and no matter what, to Keep On Pushing.
- Fred Cash, Singer and song-writer of The Impressions
A must read for everyone.
- Johnny Holloway, Civil Rights Leadder
Change your mind, you change your life. A positive mind brings prosperity.
- Emanuel Thompson, Singer
This brother has reached deep into the soul of history, and even deeper into the inner soul of man.
- Eddie J. Jones, Chattanooga, Tennessee
  About the Author:
W.D. Clark is a 1968 graduate of Howard High School and retired from Combustion Engineering and Coca Cola Bottling Company. He was a reporter for "You Should Know" monthy newspaper for the World Church of the Living God. He and his wife, Patricia, live in Chattanooga, Tennessee.
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