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Your Personality Is Showing:
The Science of Psycogenetics
Author Dr. Thomas A. Owen
ISBN 978-0-9793712-5-7
Publisher Waldenhouse Publishers, Inc.
Description 6" x 9"; 128 pages; archival paper; perct bound; $18.95
Availability July 2007

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Dr. Thomas A. Owen
AMC, 7530 Goodwin Rd.
Chattanooga, TN 37421
Success is Never Final and Failure is Never Fatal
Psychogenetics is an exacting science of how the body (mostly facial and head) features show the personality traits of the individual. It’s truly a case of – Your Personality Is Showing. The features are permanent except when the trait indicated changes. That change will modify the tell tale indicators also. You will enjoy using psycogenetics both for business and for the fun of telling your friends things about themselves they have not shared with you. Psychogenetics is much more accurate than any type of verbal exchange. Truly it can be said, “What you are speaks so loudly I cannot hear what you say."
Library of Congress Control Number 2007934481
What Readers Say
•In school I have a barrel of FUN being able to tell my classmates their personality traits. It’s also a HELP to me in RELATING with them.
Olivia Renegar - STUDENT
•This book is a MUST for a SALESPERSON knowing WHO to talk to and HOW and what approach appeals to whom.
James Stallings - SALES MANAGER
•A DOCTOR needs to KNOW HlS/HER PATIENT and UNDERSTAND them.Psychogenetics does just that!
Dr. Patrick MacNamara
•This material is a real help and valuable tool in BUSINESS as to HIRING, HUMAN RESOURCES, and MANAGEMENT of staff.
Robert Bearden - STAFF MANAGER (AMC INC.)
•You can be the “LIFE OF THE PARTY” using psychogenetics.
Sherry Ellis - SECRETARY
•My KIDS are “having a ball” and AVOIDING a LOT OF PROBLEM SITUATIONSwith psychogenetics.
E. layanik - PARENT
•I have found psychogenetics to be immediately extremely useful and to be a less than 30 DAY RETURN OF MANY TIMES THE BOOK COST. Eric Stevens - CEO - CHEROKEE COLLECTIONS CO.
About The Author
 . Dr. Thomas A. Owen, DC PhC, FAPC, has used and taught psychogenetics Your Personality is Showingfor over 40 years both in a clinical and business setting. Dr. Owen is retired from active practice but has created a nationwide firm teaching and consulting for hundreds of doctors and business people.
. . He is the author of:
Nine Keys to Happiness
What Makes the World Go Round
How to Overcome Tired Irritable Depressed Feelings
God and Success in Rhyme
Success is Never Final and Failure is Never Fatal
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